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Posted by judy doyke, Apr 21, 2009.
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Make it Automatic:  Think of your waist management plan a little like the way you'd drive to work.  Maybe the first day on a new job in a new city, you took the highway.  But then you found out it was more clogged than Rapunzel's shower drain.  So you experimented with a few back roads, shortcuts and bypasses until you found the very best way to get to work.  Now you don't need a map; you do it automatically, and you don't spend a single nanosecond worrying about what turn you take.  It's automatic - just the way your approach to eating should be.  When you're starting out on this plan,  you'll experiment with different routes, get stuck in a few traffic jams, maybe even get a little lost along the way.  But if you stick with it and the find the right course, you'll automate your habits, regulate your chemicals, and make eating the easiest trip you've ever made.


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